Here's how good the donuts are in Missoula.

I'm not too fond of donuts, yet I love the donuts I've eaten here--and that's plural. It's not just one bakery that serves the best donuts around, it's several. Some even say Missoula is home to the best donuts in the state.

There's a donut for everyone, whether you like raised or cake, glazed or frosted. And for the sake of sharing as many baked goods as possible, we're going to lean into the fact that there's debate about whether a danish should qualify as a donut and just go with--it does for our purposes. We did the work for you, here are the best donuts in Missoula ranked by how many stars they have on Google.

Krispy Kreme - 4.0 

It might not be local, but it is one of the chains that people will travel miles for.

Black Cat Bake Shop - 4.4

What makes their food so good? Among the traditional ingredients, they say, "a pinch of black cat magic."

Donut and sweets case
Dennis Bragg, Townsquare Media

Liquid Planet - 4.4

Fans of breakfast were pleased when it was announced Liquid Planet Grille would be expanding to Brooks Street. As you'll see in the photo above, they have plenty of sweet treats.

Bernice's Bakery - 4.5

Bernice's may not have glazed donuts but they do offer danishes, breakfast rolls, butterhorns, and pound cake.

Clyde Coffee - 4.5

Similar to Bernice's there might be more pastries than donuts but there's a good chance you'll find something to satisfy your donut itch.

Rosauers - 4.5

You may even find yourself standing in line for these donuts.

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Morning Birds Bakery 4.6

They have both sweet and savory danishes, so a lot to choose from.

Bolt and Bruizer's Bakery and Barkery - 4.7

Breakfast treat for you, treat for your pup, it's a win-win.

Great Harvest Bread Co. - 4.7

They're also known for having some dazzling King Cakes for Fat Tuesday.

Le Petit Bakehouse - 4.7

You'll probably find more interesting breads than traditional donuts, but some of the choices are really unique and are only available at certain times of the year, like the cardamom twists they have during the holidays.

Donut shop with wall of pictures
Ashley, Townsquare Media

Veera Donuts - 4.7

Donuts galore. Vegan options. Rock and roll art. What more could you want?

Tandem Bakery & Cafe - 4.7

They have both vegan and gluten-free options.

Happy National Donut Day!

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