With the holidays approaching we're creeping toward comfort food season.

In fact, a recent survey from Campbell's not only revealed America's favorite side dishes but that 67% of people prefer a side dish to the entree. Why? I think it's because some of the best side dishes are also comfort food staples: bread, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese.

But does it really need to be during the holiday season to enjoy some good old comfort food? For me, it's more like a weekly occasion.

Missoula's Best Comfort Food

Being a music town and a college town, Missoula has great options for comfort nibbles. But what might be just as good as the comfort foods themselves are the hilarious or even spot-on things people say about them.

missoula comfort food
Google, Canva

"You don't have to be a Big Poppa to love this place."

No Jason, no you do not. You'll regularly see people who look like they just finished a 50-mile something (run, hike, bike ride, doesn't matter) noshing on the goodness at Notorious P.I.G.


"Even the water GLASSES were such a quality touch." -BrandonandJen

You might think this is the kind of review you'd give a formal restaurant, but in this case it's a testament to the craft of burger-making at Wally and Buck. Their burgers are so highly respected they were recently named the best burger in Montana according to Food & Wine magazine.


"Naked dude at Jerry Johnson's hot spring told me to come here and get the chicken fried steak with JJ's gravy on the hash browns. Good advice!" - Baxter

This might be the most unintentionally-Montana review of a restaurant ever written.


"You'll leave sticky and satisfied, without the walk of shame." Kimber

5 points for innuendo.


"...classic perfectly fried chicken. No special herbs and spices, straightforward yardbird. Moist, flavorful and crunchy." - Bob

No frills, no fuss, very Montanan.


"Super tasty homestyle breakfasts and pancakes. Go Griz!" -Ken

This might be one of the most "Go Griz" comfort foods Missoula has to offer.


"Hoagieville fries been good like crack since way back." - Shem

The fries are so good they inspire poetry.


"...the tomato soup its so good..." - Luda

Sometimes, that's all you need to say. But the three dots and the front and at the end, you know Luda really means it.

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