Missoula has a lot of bars.

Recently, Ace wrote about how Missoula bars rank and discovered some eyebrow-raising results. But he pointed out something else interesting in his article: Missoula has a lot of different types of bars.

Some people like the hole-in-the-wall dive bar, some like the sports bar with a billion TV's, some like the fancy wine bar and some like the bar filled with hootenanies and cowboys. Missoula provides a nice variety of bars, breweries and taverns. There's something for everyone and a great place for beer enthusiasts. - Ace Sauerwein

He's right- there is something for just about anyone, so I thought I'd try to create a taxonomy of Missoula bars.

Of course, many of these bars will fit in more than one category, and forgive us, there's a chance your favorite bar didn't make it on the list. If so, let us know on our app and we'll add it.

Missoula's Dive Bars

  • Stockman's Bar
  • The Oxford Saloon & Cafe
  • Charlie B's
  • Silver Dollar Bar
  • Red's Bar
  • The Rhinoceros
  • Al's and Vic's

Missoula's Sports Bars

  • Press Box Sports Bar
  • Desperado Sports Tavern
  • Silver Slipper Sports Bar & Casino
  • Katie O'Keefes Sports Bar & Casino
  • Magic Diamond Sports Bar, Liquor Store and Casino

Being in Griz Country, there are definitely more sports bars in Missoula, and if that's your jam, check out this article. 

Missoula's Fancy-ish Bars

  • Plonk
  • Pangea Bar & Restaurant
  • Stave and Hoop
  • The Keep
  • James Bar

Missoula's Live Music Bars

  • Sunrise Saloon
  • Dark Horse
  • Union Club Bar
  • Top Hat
  • The Old Post Pub
  • The Badlander
  • Monk's Bar

Missoula's Brew Pubs/Tap Rooms

  • Imagine Nation Brewing
  • Draught Works
  • Kettlehouse Brewery
  • Bayern Brewing
  • Big Sky Brewing
  • Cranky Sam Public House
  • Tamarack Brewing Co.
  • OddPitch Brewing
  • Great Burn Brewing
  • The Dram Shop
  • Conflux Taphouse
  • GILD

Missoula's Casino Bars

  • Flipper's Casino & Tavern
  • The Golden Rose Bourbon Bar & Casino
  • Claim Jumper Casino, Restaurant & Lounge

Missoula's Irish Bars

  • Thomas Meagher Bar
  • The Stone of Accord

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