There has been a lot of talk about the TV series "Yellowstone" and what the future has in store for the series beyond season 5. This last weekend "Paleyfest" was held, which is a TV focused festival. Several cast members for "Yellowstone" were scheduled to attend but didn't show up to the event. Last week the Hollywood Reporter sat down for an interview with the head of Paramount, Chris McCarthey. Among the topics they discussed was the Matthew McConaughey led spin-off series "1944", and according to McCarthey, the show is a go.

Montana Has An Opportunity To Show Off Other Parts of the State

The "1883" prequel staring Tim McGraw, Sam Elliott and Faith Hill started the story of the "Dutton Family" and their journey from Texas to Montana. The show "1923" is the sequel to "1883" and the prequel to "Yellowstone", that has been filmed in Butte, Montana. Staring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, and it looks like there will be at least another season of "1883". With "Yellowstone" being filmed in Missoula and the Bitterroot Valley the past few seasons, we will not have the the addition of "1944", which which reportedly will be filmed in the Bitterroot Valley. Instead of filming "1944" in the Bitterroot, this is an opportunity for another part of Montana to be the backdrop of this generational saga.

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Here Are Some Other Suggested Locations For "1944"

Here are some locations that should be considered for the new "1944" series instead of the Bitterroot Valley.

Helena- The Montana state capital. There have been scenes in "Yellowstone" that have been filmed at the capital, but the entire series should look at being filmed in Helena. There are big historic houses, mountains, lawyers and politicians everywhere for extras.

Great Falls- Great Falls doesn't get enough respect. The "Rocky Mountain Front" would make some epic shots. With Malmstrom Air Force Base in Great Falls and if the show takes place during WWII imagine the aircraft they can bring in for the story.

Billings- Billings is Montana's biggest city. It is also a big cattle city, Matthew McConaughey is a big Texas "Longhorns" fan, so it would almost be like home for him. With Billings being the biggest city, you will have a much bigger pool for extras.

Kalispell/Whitefish- With Glacier National Park and Flathead Lake in the neighborhood, the landscape is epic. On second thought, we may not want it to look too attractive to out-of-staters, so let's scratch that one off the list.

Bozeman- Bozeman has the mountains, the river, and is growing fast, for those that can afford it. According to RentCafe it is expensive to live in Bozeman. That can help Hollywood people feel right at home.

Matthew McConaughey Will be in Western Montana

With the reports of the show being filmed in Western Montana we can officially keep an eye out for Mr. McConaughey in our state. Don't be surprised if even more people decide to travel here to try to get a glimpse or maybe try to rub elbows with even more Hollywood stars.

Butte locations seen in the 1923 trailer

The Butte locations spotted in the new 1923 trailer

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