With stormy weather in the forecast, and expanded construction, the hours to enjoy the full length of the iconic Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park are running out quickly.

Why Montanans Love Logan Pass

The 50-mile drive over 6,646 Logan Pass is a "bucket list" drive for many tourists every year. But many locals, like myself, like to wait until the traffic eases a bit and the fall colors come out. That means it's a "must do" destination for many Montanans too.

But the season can be cut short by a sudden turn to winter weather, or as is the case this year, by National Park Service crews scrambling to get road work complete before Old Man Winter takes over. 

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This year, major work has been focused on a utility upgrade along the west side of the road. The Lake McDonald Utilities Project is replacing seven miles of sewer mains and equipment, plus telephone and electrical lines from Apgar to Lake McDonald Lodge. That has meant nighttime closures through the summer. 

Upcoming closure on Logan Pass

Starting Saturday, October 1, there will be a complete closure from the four-way intersection at Apgar all the way east to the Logan Pass summit. That will completely remove the option to enjoy any of the Going-to-the-Sun Road on the west side of the park. However, the road is scheduled to remain open on the east side from St. Mary to Logan Pass until Sunday, October 16. That date could move back if winter conditions develop sooner. 

The planned closure means the 2022 season has been pretty short for fans of the historic alpine highway. This year, extended cold and wet conditions meant the complete length of the road hadn't opened until July 13, which was one of the latest openings on record. 

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