Dinosaurs once roamed what we call Montana today. There have been some historic and important fossil finds in Montana. The biggest and most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex, nicknamed "Big Mike", was found in Montana and is currently at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. Archeologists are continuing to find rare dinosaurs in Montana.

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There is an opportunity for the entire family to learn more about dinosaurs in a fun and interactive experience that is currently in Missoula. The Jurassic Empire experience opened last weekend and will be running this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, June 7th through the 9th. It is located in the old Bed Bath & Beyond location behind the Southgate Mall.

Tickets Are Available Online Only

To purchase tickets and for more information about the exhibit click here. Tickets are only available online and are scheduled for two-hour windows. According to the website, "The Dinosaur walkthrough is indoors and can last anywhere from 20 minutes to more than an hour depending on how much time you spend next to each dinosaur. The rides and activities are optional."

Jurassic Empire Missoula
Credit: Chris Wolfe

Right now, according to their website, this is the only tour stop scheduled in Montana. The Tyrannosaurus Rex find in Montana wasn't the only significant fossil find in our state. There was another find that may have been even more important to the study of dinosaurs, that find led to Montana's "official dinosaur fossil".

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You may not remember, but Montana also appeared in the movie Jurassic Park. Now is your chance to see what some of these creatures may have looked like when they used to roam the Earth live and in person.

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