It's no secret that Montana is home to tons of dinosaur fossils but it's certainly exciting when a new one is found. Recently, a 'rare' dinosaur was discovered in eastern Montana.

Where the Fossil Was Found

KTVQ in Billings is reporting that the fossil was found on a ranch just east of Jordan, Montana, which is on the eastern half of the state.


What Kind of Fossil Was It?

What they found was an Edomontosaurus, which gets its name from a rock formation near Edmonton, in Alberta, Canada. The herbivorous hadrosaur has also been found in Denali National Park & Preserve along with footprints, which give clues to the animals' patterns and habits.

KTVQ's interview with paleontologist Alan Detrich notes that this particular discovery is "so unique" because "the skin is fossilized." Currently, they say the fossil is being secured for relocation.

Dinosaur Species Found in Montana

Montana really has an incredible history with dinosaur species. Not only was the first Tyrannosaurus Rex found in Montana, but according to the Montana Department of Transportation, "Paleontologists have discovered seventy-five different species of dinosaurs in Montana, more than any other state in America."

Favorite Destinations for Dinosaurs in Montana

With all of the discoveries and fossils, Montana has ample opportunity to visit dinosaur museums, and one of the best ways to hit them all is through the Montana Dinosaur Trail. The trail includes 14 museums across the state where visitors can learn about Montana's prehistoric history. You can also pick up a "Prehistoric Passport" to track all of your visits across the trail.

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