When a Montana restaurant or type of food gets declared as the "best" it is something we can get behind and it is something that can always start a debate. Recently a Missoula restaurant was listed as having the best French fries in Montana. It's a Missoula restaurant that you may not think of when discussing fries. It's a small restaurant that specializes in a different kind of food, but their fries are considered the best.

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When it comes to Chinese Restaurants in the U.S., Montana has a long history. As a matter of fact, Montana has the longest history. The oldest Chinese restaurant in the entire country is located in Montana.

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Montana has the honor of having the oldest Chinese restaurant, but what about Montana's "best" Chinese restaurant? Love Food has released their list of the "Best Chinese Restaurants" in every state, and Montana's best Chinese restaurant isn't in Bozeman, Billings, or Missoula, it is located in Helena, Montana.

Montana's Best Chinese Restaurant

The Jade Garden restaurant has been declared the best Chinese Restaurant in Montana. The restaurant opened in 1995 and has been serving Chinese food for almost three decades. According to their menu they serve some of the staples like pork fried rice, orange chicken, and Peking duck. They also have a wide range of vegetarian dishes too. Their website describes the restaurant as:

We are proud to showcase our menu offering contemporary Chinese dishes influenced by both American and global cuisines in a relaxed, elegant, and family oriented atmosphere. Our passion for superior hospitality and food has been recognized both locally and nationally.

The list by Love Food has recognized them again nationally with rating them as the best Chinese Restaurant in Montana.

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