Montana is filled with hard workers. We have just reached our lowest unemployment numbers we have ever recorded. Because we work so hard we also like to play hard and get out and enjoy our state to the fullest. We bike, run, hike, ski, and more. There are marathons throughout the state, like the Missoula Marathon, the Governor's Cup Marathon in Helena and the Queen Bee Marathon in Billings. We are an athletic state, but are we a healthy state?

The Healthy City Debate is On

Two Montana cities have recently made the list of "Healthiest and Unhealthiest Cities" in the United States. Wallethub looked at 185 cities and determined that Montana has a couple cities that rank pretty high in the "healthy" index. The rankings were based on health care, food, fitness, and green space.

Two Montana Cities Rank Higher Than You May Realize

Congratulations to San Francisco, California, they are considered the most "healthy" city in the United States. Coming in at the bottom is Brownsville, Texas. Montana has two cities represented on the list, Missoula and Billings. Missoula ranked in the top fifty of healthiest cities coming in at number 36. Billings, Montana came in just outside the top fifty, ranked at 56.

The Montana Best and Worst of Montana Ranking

In Billings rankings, they ranked highest in the "fitness" category, coming in at number 30. Their lowest rank was in "green space" coming in at 124. Missoula ranked highest in "health care" breaking into the top 20 coming in at 17, they ranked lowest in "food" coming in at 120.

Let's Get More Montana Towns on the List

Montana should have more than just two towns on this list. We are a hearty and hardworking group of people, now we just need to become a more healthy group of people.

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