Don't look now, but there's a new trend in luxury travel, and it just might be the kind of thing that might catch on in Montana.

A feature in TexasMonthly is going viral because a unique travel experience in Texas. Glamping has seen treehouses give guests a lofty approach to relaxation, but now travelers can head underground or into the side of a mountain to stay in a cave.

The Summit at Big Bend offers modern amenities blended into the walls of a cave carved into Tres Cuevas Mountain. Rooms start at $549.

Virtual Tour: You can get a full tour of The Onyx Cave in the video below.

Cave Glamping in Montana

What are the chances we'd see something like glamping in a cave in Montana? My guess is it's not likely.

Usually, staying in a cave in Montana is of the more outdoorsy variety, like this group that camped in a snow cave in the Cabinet Mountain Wilderness.

Let's recap some of the more famous caves in Montana:

  • Lewis and Clark Caverns--you can camp near the caverns, but no way would you be able to "glamp" inside the cave, not only because it's a state park, but I can't imagine anyone interested in glamping being willing to walk to the entrance or down that long tunnel before getting to the cave.
  • Pictograph Caves--it's also a state park and the caves are pretty shallow, not ideal for glamping.
  • Tears of the Turtle Cave--It's a 22-mile hike through the Bob Marshall Wilderness just to reach the mouth of the cave. Glamping is out.

Now there may be a cave on private land somewhere in Montana that may become the next luxury travel spot, or like the Summit at Big Bend, you might see a company create caves out of the land, but I think we'll have to wait and see.

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