There is a lot of news lately about the sky and the happenings that we are going to experience here on Earth. Earlier today there was a full moon. This time of the year, a full moon is called a "Worm Full Moon".

'Full Worm Moon'

This particular full moon also has to do with the date of Easter this year. Easter occurs on the Sunday after the "Paschal Full Moon", which is the first full moon to occur after the Vernal Equinox. According to the Farmer's Almanac, the term "Worm Moon" was initially thought to have to do with earthworms coming out in the spring. After more research, they found another possible explanation from Captain Jonathan Carver from the 1760s who spent time with Native American tribes and wrote about a different kind of worm, beetle larvae, which starts to emerge from trees when they start to thaw out in the spring.

Geomagnetic Storm Could Affect Your Radio and Cell Phone

There has been another celestial event that has happened and will continue to happen today, and that is a geomagnetic storm that can affect electronic transmissions not only across Montana, but also across the globe. According to a "geomagnetic storm watch" issued by NOAA, there will be parts of the Earth that will see slight interruptions in radio signals and it can also affect, satellite television and cell phone reception as well.

No Need To Panic, Just Be Aware of Issues

NOAA states this is something that the public doesn't need to be too concerned about, but be aware of interruptions in some services. Today will be highest of the impacted days in the "storm watch".

Total Solar Eclipse is Coming

If you are having transmission issues with the any of our radio stations, you can always download one of our multiple apps and continue to enjoy our stations by streaming them. The next big celestial event will be the total solar eclipse that is going to happen on Monday April 8th, 2024. Be safe when driving or watching the eclipse.

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