When I get ready to leave the house the first thing I grab is my wallet, followed by my keys and cell phone. It's always at least those same three things. When I forget one of them, not only will it be an issue, but I feel like something is off. Something is wrong with the world.

Montana Don't Keep This Card in Your Wallet

It's the things that you keep in your wallet or your purse that are important. Driver's licenses, identification cards, credit and debit cards all can be found in wallets and purses. Some people still occasionally carry cash. There is one item that you may be carrying in your wallet or purse that the Federal Government is warning people to stop carrying and that is your social security card.

Montana Make Sure You 'Guard Your Card'

Your social security card is not a form of identification and shouldn't be carried in a wallet or purse. The Social Security Administration is asking everyone to "Guard Your Card". There are very few places where an actual social security card is needed. There are a lot of places where a social security number is needed, but not the actual card itself. Memorizing the number is your best bet.

It is Rare In Montana To Need Your Social Security Card

You don't need to show your actual card for employment, housing, food assistance, or even getting a drivers license. The Montana Motor Vehicles Division is one state that does not require you to show your actual social security card. There is only one state where that is required and that is Pennsylvania. In Montana there are other forms that can be used instead of your social security card.

  • W-2 Forms
  • Form SSA-1099
  • Non-SSA-1099 forms
  • Pay stubs

Don't Laminate Your Card

People should also not laminate their social security card. There are places that won't accept a laminated social security card even if you carry it.

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