Most Missoulians will remember the epic and early snowfall we had last year that was inconveniently timed. The annual leaf pickup by the City of Missoula was just beginning and then a snowstorm covered all of the leaves that had been raked into the street, and that snow didn't melt for quite a while. It took so long that Missoula had to have a spring leaf removal instead of the traditional fall removal. Hopefully, this year will be different.

When Leaf Pickup Begins in Missoula

The City of Missoula has announced that leaf removal will begin at the end of this month on October 30. This, of course, and especially after last year, is weather-dependent. And depending on where you live in Missoula, your pickup may be on a different day. Here's the schedule:

Special District 1: October 31

Includes streets in the heart of downtown like Alder, and Spruce, but also 6th street to River street. Only streets marked in bold on the map are part of this district. 

Area 1: October 30 - November 2

This will include the Grant Creek Neighborhood, Rattlesnake Neighborhoods, and the northside. 

Area 2: November 3, 6-9

This area is marked from South Avenue to River Road, Russel Street to the West and the University District to the East.  

Special District 2: November 14

This includes streets closest to the University of Montana. Only streets marked in bold on the map are part of this district. 

Area 3: November 13 - 17

This area is West of Russel Street, as far North as Brooks Street and as far South as Mullan Road. 

Eric Warren
Eric Warren

Special District 3: November 7

This includes the Slant Streets, as well as a few others. Only streets marked in bold on the map are part of this district. 

Area 4: November 20 - 22

This includes Miller Creek, the Lewis and Clark Neighborhood, and the South Hills. 

If you'd like a better idea of exactly which area you might live in, check out the City of Missoula map.

What to Do With Your Leaves

The city says it's very important that you don't move your leaves too early. They recommend no earlier than 2-3 days before your scheduled pickup. That being said, you will need to rake your leaves into the street before the day of your pickup.

Some important reminders from the City:

  • Pickup is for leaves only
  • Try not to block bike lanes, leaves should be in the parking lane
  • Don't park near leaf piles
  • trees need to be pruned where they hang over the streets
  • make sure leaves don't block storm drains
  • if you miss the scheduled pickup, you'll be responsible for removing your own leaves

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