Run Wild Missoula has a great tradition that makes you feel good abut overindulging on Thanksgiving day. How about you work off the turkey before you eat it? That's the idea behind the annual "Turkey Trot". This is another fun family event. This is also one of the last runs of 2022 from Run Wild Missoula.  There is a 3k run or an 8k run if you are really ambitious.

You can register right now or you can wait to register the day of the race. If you register now you can save yourself some money. If you are concerned about the weather and want to wait to see if you are up for it, it will cost you a bit more on the day of the race. This is an all ages race and online registration will also be open on the day of the race.

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The run start and finish line will be at the University of Montana tailgate area. Starting time will be 9:30am and make sure you dress warm for the event. The course will wind around the Missoula city streets and the river trails.

This event is also a fundraiser for the Missoula Food Bank. I spoke with Rebecca Paquette about the needs of the Missoula Food Bank this year she said, "In the 40 years that our organization has been serving the Missoula area, we haven't seen numbers like this year. We've had months since March of just repeating record breaking numbers." So anytime you can get some exercise and help out a good cause that seems like a "win-win" situation to me.

Missoula Lard Butt 1k

Missoula's Lard Butt 1k, 2022, a glorious day for doughnuts and costumes.


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