It may have rained this weekend, but it was a good weekend to be at Missoula's Markets.

I found myself wandering the Clark Fork River Market on Saturday and when I rounded the corner a gentleman asked, "Would you like to try some watermelon?"

I took the sample that he carved from the melon in his hand and then realized when I was several booths away, as I savored the crisp and juicy melon, that I was eating a Dixon Melon!

Montana's Favorite Melon

You might not think that Montana would be known for its melons, but the Hettick Family in Dixon, Montana has been growing melons since the late 1980s and as they say on their site, they've become a "household name." Fun fact, did you know the owner and founder of Dixon Melons, Harley Hettick, was a photographer and sold photos to both People Magazine and the Smithsonian? He sold satellites, too, before starting Big Sky Tractor with his wife Joey.

It's Dixon Melon Season in Montana

On Saturday, Dixon Melons announced that their melons would be available across Montana. In a post on Facebook, they named the Montana cities where melons would be available in Markets:

  • Both Missoula Markets
  • Butte
  • Helena
  • Bozeman

Throughout the season you'll see their melons at other markets. According to their website, you'll find melons at Markets in:

  • Whitefish
  • Columbia
  • Polson

You can find a full schedule at this link.

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Where You Can't Get Dixon Melons...Yet

The melons aren't quite in stores yet, but they'll be in grocery stores in western Montana soon. When you're looking for Dixon Melons, they say to use your nose because they'll smell sweeter than other melons. If you're at a Market, look for the blue and yellow signs. If you're at the grocery store, look for the blue and yellow stickers.

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