Next summer the Olympics will take place in Paris, France. Just recently it was announced that flag football will be an Olympic sport next year. It was also just recently announced that coming to Florida in 2024 will be the "Florida Man Games" an entertaining competition for the "Florida Man".

'Florida Man' Games

The competition will include "games" that highlight "Florida Man's" strengths:

  • The Weaponized Pool Noodle Mud Duel
  • Evading Arrest Obstacle Course
  • Category 5 Cash Grab
  • Catalytic Converter, 2 Bikes and a Handful of Copper Pipes: Race Against Time
  • Beer Belly Florida Sumo

The term 'Florida Man' was made popular as an internet meme in 2013. Yes, the term 'Florida Man' has a Wikipedia page. According to the page:

 Referring to an alleged prevalence of people performing irrational or maniacal actions in the U.S. state of Florida.

That explains the chosen games for this competition. Why should Florida have all the fun? We think there should be some official "Montana Man" games. We have come up with some competitions that could make for an entertaining weekend of events.

Bear Spray Quick Draw- Who can draw a can of bear spray the fastest from holster to empty bottle of spray.

Windshield Scraping Event- This would be another timed event, whoever can clear a snow/ice covered windshield the quickest, without using an actual windshield scraper. Additional points awarded for creativity.

Carcass To Grill Obstacle Course- The quickest person who can butcher a piece of back strap from a harvested deer. Then marinate it, and grill it.

Tire Chain Challenge- Winner is whomever can put on a full set of tire chains the quickest. There can also be the addition of putting on a pair of coveralls and gloves.

Dirt Track Challenge- Who can navigate a potholed stretch of unpaved Montana backroads in a two-wheel drive truck while the "check engine" light is on.

Winners of each event could be given a bright shiny belt buckle. Second place could be a new set of suspenders.

Let's Get a 'Montana Man Games' Going

We could totally do this. Let's make 2024 the year of the 'Montana Man'. Not like 'Florida Man', the 'Montana Man' is rugged, powerful and can cook a mean piece of venison.

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