It's chicken wing season.

Some would say chicken wing season lasts 365 days but there is an uptick during Super Bowl season. Quartz reports that "wing consumption has risen an average of 1.1% per year according to estimates."

What Makes a Good Chicken Wing?

Is it the sauce? The rub? The crunch? A New York Times article says that the reason why we all like wings so much is that there's a "higher ratio of skin to meat" which probably helps with the rub or sauce distribution.

Montana may be known for its steak, but when we asked where to get chicken wings in and around Missoula there was no shortage of recommendations.

The Most Popular Choice for Wings in Missoula

When you're voted best wings in Missoula and best wings in the state, it's no wonder that Desperado Sports Tavern was name-checked dozens of times as the best place to get wings in Missoula. To give you an idea of how good they are, here's what Corey said on our social media: "I am not even from Missoula and I know Desperados is the place to go for wings!"

15 Other Places In and Around Missoula to Get Chicken Wings

If you're looking for another option to get chicken wings in and around Missoula, over a dozen recommendations came in. Spread the wing love around and give these restaurants and markets a try:

Albertsons (the Salt and Vinegar Wings)

Double Front Chicken

Paradise Falls

Paradise Falls Missoula Montana

Hungry Bear Bar and Grill (Condon, MT)

Hungry Bear Condon Montana

Bridge Pizza

Westside Lanes Bowling Alley (they've got some good karaoke too)

West Side Lanes Missoula Montana

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Charlie B's

The Camino

Tamarack Brewing Company

Wishbone (food truck)

The Still Room

Silver Slipper

The Mustard Seed

Yokes Fresh Market

Rustic Hut (Florence, MT)

Rustic Hut Florence Montana


If you want to try your hand at making chicken wings, here's what one person recommends:

"If you have an air fryer put the wings in on air fryer setting for about 12 minutes then take them out dip them in sauce and then put them back in for another eight minutes and they are super delicious." - Jenn

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