The weather we have seen in Montana since the beginning of winter has been mild and hasn't provided the state with much snow. That is about to change, and it looks like it is going to change rapidly.

Montana Forecast Calls For Snow and Cold

Montana's forecast calls for snow showers with some possible major accumulation in the higher elevations. This will be great news for the ski resorts across the state. Along with the snow forecast will be the first very cold temperatures of the year. Most of Montana is forecasting below zero overnight temperatures and highs could be in the negatives too. There is also a very good possibility of double digit negative numbers with wind chill factors this weekend.

Montana May See Double Digit Below Zero Temps

According to the National Weather Service forecast we will see changes this week. As we look ahead to the weekend, it looks like cold and very cold temperatures are heading our way. As of now some of the forecasted highs for Saturday around the state are:

  • Billings, MT- 40% chance of snow with a high of -5.
  • Great Falls, MT- chance of snow, partly sunny, with a high of -12.
  • Butte, MT- chance of snow with a high of 9.
  • Helena, MT- chance of snow, partly sunny, high of -5.
  • Missoula, MT- chance of snow, mostly cloudy high of 5.
  • Kalispell, MT- chance of snow, mostly cloudy cold high of -3.
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Montana Needs Snow

Montana's snow levels and water levels have been very low this season. If we see some snow coming in with this storm system that will help with the lack of water levels.  The low temperatures that are forecasted to go along with it can be very dangerous for people and for pets. Please take caution when outside, and avoid long exposure to low temperatures. If you are planning on traveling over the next week, especially in higher elevations, take caution and make sure you are prepared. Travelers in Montana can get the latest road report information by dialing 511 or you can check out

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