What's the best small town bar in Montana?

Montana residents have known for years that our state is awesome.

Lately it seems everyone else is catching up to that fact as well.

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Montana has been popping up on plenty of "best of" lists and it should come as no surprise, as we are considered "The Last Best Place."

The latest website to put Montana on one of their lists is Thrillist, as they set out find the best small town bar in each state.

When it comes to small towns, you don't get a whole lot smaller than this town.

Where is the best small town bar in Montana?

The best small town bar in Montana can be found in Pony, MT.

A Pony Bar mug sitting on a bench outside the bar in Pony Montana

The aptly named Pony Bar is described by Thrillist as follows

The Pony is the quintessential Montana bar experience: Located in an unincorporated town of about 100, it's housed in an old meeting hall, a function it still serves for anyone who wanders in, be them ranchers looking for company or curious drinkers who travel from areas like Bozeman to drink in one of the most legendary dive saloons in Montana.

Pony may be a one-horse town, but its bar is the kind of place that draws people from far and wide, a pure distillate of Montana bar life that demands a pilgrimage from any drinker worth the dirt on their boots.

The Pony Bar website says they are at the end of the road (literally) for those who come on horseback, 4-wheelers, bikes, or even by foot; but all are welcome at the best small town bar in Montana.

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