Football season is officially underway! High School Football started a couple weeks ago. College Football has begun with both a Griz and a Bobcat victory and of course this is the last week until February we won't be without NFL games.

Football and eating go hand in hand. If you watch the games all day long it can start with a brunch and last into dinner. Montana is home to some fabulous food and Football is a great excuse to eat. I am always looking for an excuse to eat.

Start Your Football Day with Brunch

A way to kick off the day (see what I did there?) is the Wheat Montana Cinnamon Roll or Caramel Roll. They are huge and they are fantastic, but they don't fill me up for the day so I can dig in later. Wheat Montana is a world record holder.

Something a bit different

Pork Chop John's Sandwiches from Butte are great. I struggled with choosing pasties or the pork chop sandwich, but look at me, of course I am going with the pork chop.


If you are going for pizza, there are some great pizzerias, but Mackenzie River Pizza started in Montana and you can get it in multiple cities throughout the state. I am all about pepperoni, so give me the "Good 'Ol Boy" and some "Lodgepoles" and I am good to go.


Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

If you are going for burgers, the debate will rage on longer than the game as to who has the best in the state. Missoula has the "Mo Club Burger". Billings has "The Burger Dive". Bozeman has "Burger Bobs". Hamilton has "Naps Grill". Let the debate continue, we don't have for a lack of great burgers in our state.

Chicken Wings

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

When it comes to chicken wings it is tough to find just one great one, but I hope we can all agree that if they are "boneless" they are just basically chicken nuggets. If you are looking for dogs or bratwurst, "Redneck Sausage Company" out of Kalispell makes a fine game day food and they are made locally. On a crisp cold football day I am a big fan of a nice venison chili. One of the best I have had has been from the Lodge at Blacktail Mountain.



Ashley Warren

On to the dessert. With it being Montana, anything huckleberry and you are good to go. If cold is more your style, ice cream made in our state is fantastic. Big Dipper made in Missoula or Sweet Peaks made in Whitefish are both great and local. Whatever you decide to eat for "Game Day" just know that football season is here and it is one more reason for us to get together, swear at our TVs and eat some great food!

10 Best Steakhouses in Montana

If you live in Montana, you have to love a good steak dinner now and then. Luckily, here in Montana, we have steakhouses that spread far and wide throughout the state. If you are traveling through Montana or vacationing around the state, give one of these places a try.

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