If you're looking for a romantic relationship in Montana, we found a survey you may want to know about.

Even if you've been in a relationship for years, the findings from this survey are surprising.

Forbes Health and One Poll surveyed U.S. adults who "have actively dated in the last five years."  Among behaviors that are considered cheating, three in particular were considered more offensive by Montanans than people in many other states. But as you consider these actions, notice also the percentages.

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Having an Online Dating Profile

54% of Montanans say having an online dating profile while in a relationship qualifies as cheating. While people in Tennessee are more offended by this, Montana was tied with New Jersey as the 2nd ranked state to take issue with having an online dating profile.

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Maybe one of the most common ways people show romantic affection, 57% of Montanans say flirting with someone constitutes cheating if you're already in a relationship. Montana was tied with Louisana as the 3rd ranked state.

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Kissing Someone
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Kissing Someone

This one stuck out to me. Only 54% of Montanans think kissing someone else is cheating. Do Montanans think of kissing the way Europeans do? A higher percentage of people in Montana are concerned about flirting in a relationship than kissing someone they aren't dating.

Interestingly, the percentages were only in the 50s. Wouldn't more people find these actions to be unfaithful? This may be because of the small sample size, but you would think there would be more concern about cheating behaviors, not just from Montana but from people all over the country.

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