This holiday one of my children asked for a watch for Christmas. I had to ask if they wanted an Apple watch or a regular watch. They just wanted a regular watch, no smart watch or Apple watch. It is a good thing they didn't ask for the newest Apple watch, not only was a regular watch much cheaper and doesn't have to be charged, the newest Apple watches have been banned in Montana.

The White House Isn't Stepping In to Stop The Ban

They haven't just been banned in Montana, they have been banned all across the U.S by the International Trade Commission. According to a recent report by CNN, the watches that are affected by the ban are Apple Watch 6 and newer and all of the Apple Ultra watches. According to the report the White House isn't stepping in to overturn the ban.

Apple Is Appealing the Ban

Apple had already removed the watches from it's online store. Apple has filed an appeal to overturn the ruling. According to the report.

The company said Tuesday it was pursuing both legal and technical options to resume imports of the most advanced watches, including submitting a redesign of the Series 9 and Ultra 2 watches for U.S. Customs approval.

The Ban is Based On Copyright Infringement By Apple

The ban stems from a copyright violation that was ruled on back in October by the International Trade Commission. The copyright is for a pulse oximeter that reads the level of blood oxygen. Masimo, is the medical company that currently holds the patent for that technology.

For Now You May Still Find One of the New Watches On Shelves

Amazon and Best Buy can continue to sell their stock of watches that they already have on hand, but at this time, no new watches can be imported into the U.S. for sale. This will now work it's way through the court system, but for the time being if you were in the market for one of the watches, you may want to get it soon.

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