The holiday seasons are underway and that means parties, get togethers and traveling on Montana's roads. Montana has one of the highest fatality rates of impaired driving in the nation. This is a good time to remind drivers to please make sure that you designate a driver or make arrangements for a ride if you plan on celebrating over the holidays. There is a new technology that, is using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to determine if a person is intoxicated by using their voice.

Researchers are Using AI to Determine Intoxication

According to the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs researchers have found that using a tongue twister, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and voice recognition may be able determine if a person is intoxicated or not. The researches used randomly assigned tongue twisters as the research group consumed alcohol in their controlled environment. The AI technology was able to determine if a person was intoxicated with 98% accuracy by analyzing voice pitch and frequency. The conclusion of the study is that this small controlled study was useful in identifying if a person is intoxicated, but it will need to expand the study to validate the studies.

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Will This Technology Find It's Way into Montana One Day?

If this is technology can be determined to be useful to law enforcement in Montana, there may come a day where all it will take is a cell phone and a tongue twister to determine if someone is intoxicated and may be too impaired to drive. With this technology, maybe there will be a day when the breathalyzer test in Montana will be a thing of the past.

Always Be Safe On Montana Roads

In the meantime please have a safe and happy holiday season and please don't drink and drive. More than just your life may depend on it.

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