Montana is heading back to school. The kids will be hitting the tablets, or computers or whatever it is they use to learn these days. Teachers are busy getting the classrooms ready. No more erasers and chalk boards, they have tablets and computers too. Parents are getting ready for the school year. Some back to school traditions don't change.

Back To School Shopping- Back to school supplies shopping has changed a bit. The list of what is needed is now online and so is some of the shopping. One thing that hasn't changed, is students still need number 2 pencils. That hasn't totally gone away, yet.

Back To School Clothes- Back to school clothes shopping. We know the weather will be changing. The clothing racks at the local stores have stocked up on fleeces, flannels, coats, boots, hats, and more.

Pictures- Schools still take pictures. Some kids these days still care what they look like in their pictures. Haircuts, makeup, clothes need to be planned.

Football Season- When school gets back in session that means football is back. Get out your jersey to cheer on your team. Either your school's team or maybe your Griz or Cats gear.

Safety Reminders- This goes for everyone. Watch out for kids on the streets. If a bus has a stop sign out both directions of traffic need to stop, it's the law. School zones will be more busy with traffic, be aware and be safe. High school drivers, pay attention, stay off your phones.

Here is a new safety reminder to add to the list. When posting pictures of your kids online for the first day of school shots. Keep these things in mind:

  • Don't show an address.
  • Don't show a school bus.
  • Don't show a school.
  • If you make a sign don't give too much information.

Parents Here's One That May Hit You in the Feelers

For me, this year, I happen to have something in common with comedian Bert Kreischer. This one hits close to home. Warning NSFW language.

To all the parents out there, here's to a great school year to your students and your families.

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