The University of Montana is back in session. There is a new batch of students that will be working hard to earn a degree and hopefully move on to rewarding careers in whatever discipline they choose.

Not All Students Know What They Want to Do

Sometimes a student may start on a path for a degree and then delve deeper in the subject and realize that it may not be for them. That is ok. The University of Montana offers a lot of unique courses that may interest students, check these out before we get to my suggestions for some new courses at the "U".

21 Unique Courses at the University of Montana

Here are 21 unique courses that I bet you didn't know were offered at the University of Montana.

I think that the University of Montana may be missing some opportunities to expand their student base. Here is a list of 5 college level courses, that I feel could or should be taught at the University of Montana:

Sasquatches, UFOs, and You

Montana is a hot bed for sightings of both Sasquatches and UFOs. Recently there was sighting of two sasquatches in Yellowstone National Park. Montana even has a Sasquatch Festival that takes place in July in Arlee. There have also been a number of UFO sightings that have taken place in Montana. Let's study how we can live in harmony with both Sasquatches and possibly aliens.

Navigating Missoula

Missoula is full of intersections that can be a bit frustrating, to say the least, here are 10 of them for you. We also have many streets that change names at certain intersections. There are neighborhoods that were developed by two different developers that had two entirely different visions on how Missoula should grow. If you have driven around the "Slant Street" neighborhood you know that there needs to be a class on this subject.

Intro To Inversions in the Missoula Valley

It seems like every winter and every summer in Missoula we get inversions in the valley. Whether it is smoke from our summer fire season or the pollution from the city trapped in the valley in the winter it will happen. I know there is science behind what magic happens, there should be a class on the subject. There should also be field trips to get out of the valley and away from the inversions when they happen.

Missoula's Festivals 101

Every once in a while students need to let their hair or "man bun" down and enjoy the company of others. Missoula happens to have at least one festival taking place in every month of the year. Not only can the students learn how to interact with other Missoulians, they can also learn how to put on a kick-ass festival, even in the winter.

Griz Tailgating, Prep and Parking

This class should be mandatory for all University of Montana students. It can teach so much. Part of the class can actually walk around the University and plan out where they can and can't park for games. They can get some culinary experience with food preparation and handling. They can also learn the correct techniques of face and chest painting to try to get on television.

I Would Be Willing to Teach Any Of These Classes

The likelihood of any of these courses being taught anytime soon is slim, but you never know. If the University is ever looking for someone to teach any of these classes, I will gladly volunteer my services.

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