When you visit a new city, it can sometimes be tough to know where the best places are to go for food, adventure or just for fun. When I have company that comes to Missoula for the first time, I always have a list of places where I like to take them so they can get a taste of what Missoula is really like. I actually have two lists, one for visitors who have never been to Montana before, and one for people who have been to Montana but, have never been to Missoula before.

Where Do You Take Visitors Coming to Missoula for the First Time?

It got me thinking where do other people take visitors who are coming to Missoula for the first time? We posed the question to our listeners. Some people responded negatively. For some reason they don't want any person to ever visit Missoula ever again. Since that isn't realistic, let's look at the question as if the visitors coming to Missoula are people you actually know, like and don't mind if they come here and visit you. Here is where our listeners would take people visiting Missoula for the very first time.

Some People Want to Show off Missoula and Montana

Walk by the Clark Fork from the U of M to Silver Park past Currents. McClay Flats. Blue Mountain. -Angie

The Missoula, Seeley, Glacier, Polson, Missoula loop- Janet

(In) Summer Going to the Sun Road, (In) Fall hunting- Gary

1000 Buddhas- Scott

Caras Park- Michelle

Others Would Like to Have Fun in Missoula

Paddleheads game- Kyle

SPARK 1 (dispensary)- Cashed

Westside Lanes on the way to Paradise Falls on the way to the Fox Club. Probably T&C Lounge in the morning.- Ryan

Bayern Brewing Inc.- Casie

Silver slipper.- Mandy

You Can't Forget About the Missoula Food

Mary's Mountain Cookies.- Tara

Big Dipper Ice Cream- Crystal

Paul's Pancake Parlor- Kevin

Double Front, Paradise Falls, Hoagieville- Tara

Paul's Pancake Parlor for breakfast.  Hoagieville for lunch and China Garden or Double Front for dinner. If it's Saturday morning the street market at the X's.- Cindy

Dino Cafe- Derek

Hoagieville then GTFO- Merrell

Some People Want to Shop in Missoula

Rockin' Rudy's- Tonya

Lemondairy and Mother Moose Gifts and Gallery- Tonya

What is Missing From this Missoula List?

After looking at the list, what places in Missoula are we missing? There are few places on this list that I have been taking people for years. The cool thing is when they come back to visit a second time, if they come back, they will almost always ask if we can go to these places again. You have to be careful though, you don't want people to think of Missoula as "one big marshmallow".

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