The 60th Annual Z100 Great Pumpkin is back powered by TrailWest Bank! Clues will be starting on Monday October 23rd. The Z100 Great Pumpkin has been a tradition in Missoula for 6 decades now. The very first prize for the winner of the Z100 Great Pumpkin was a case "Dippity Do" hair gel. The Great Pumpkin hasn't aged a bit, you are still searching for a plastic orange pumpkin that will have "Z100 Great Pumpkin" written on it. In order to make sure it is the official "Z100 Great Pumpkin" you will find instructions inside the pumpkin on what to do when you find it.

This 2023 Z100 Great Pumpkin Prize Pack

If you find the the Great Pumpkin you will win an awesome prize pack from our generous sponsors including:

  • Paradise Falls gift certificate $30
  • Silver Slipper Casino gift card valued at $50
  • Noon's gift cards valued at $100
  • Lolo Liquor $150
  • Magic Touch Car Wash punch card $50
  • Montana Club gift cards valued at $100
  • Old Chicago Pizza gift card valued at $50
  • Blackfoot Communications gift basket valued at $100

Clues will be begin at 6am on Monday October 23rd. There will be three new clues per day. One clue will play per hour starting at 6am until 7pm daily until the pumpkin has been found.

Following Day's Clues Will Be Posted At the Radio Station

The following days clues will be posted at the Z100 studios at 3250 South Reserve. The clues will also be posted on Remember the Great Pumpkin is not buried. It is not next to any buildings. It is not fenced in. It is not at the fairgrounds. It is not at any golf courses or cemeteries. Please try to respect people's property when searching for the Great Pumpkin. For a full list of contest rules click here. Good luck in your search for the Z100 Great Pumpkin.

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