There have been a lot of stories the past few years of the growth of Montana. We have more people moving to our state and visiting our state every year. When Covid happened people realized they can work remotely from any state. Montana with it's low population, beautiful landscape and cheap real estate, compared to other states, became a destination for a lot people to relocate. With more and more people coming to the state we have problems that come with them. Our safety is something that we should all care about.

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According to Wallet Hub's latest survey Montana has two of the "Safest Cities" in the U.S. They took into consideration 42 different key indicators for safety. Some of the main categories are "Home & Community Safety", "Natural Disaster Risk" and "Financial Safety". Of course everyone has a different perspective of what "safety" means with so many different personal factors involved. There may be some disagreement with their findings, especially for those that live here in Montana. The number one ranked "Safest City" in the U.S. is Columbia, MD.


Billings Montana ranked number 82 on the list. According to their rankings they ranked  in the top 10 in "Financial Safety" coming in at 6th, which was a very high score. They ranked lowest in "Home & Community Safety" at 134th. Their "Natural Disaster" ranking was


Missoula Montana ranked number 51 on the list just missing the top 50 in the U.S. The highest ranking was for "Financial Safety" with a 51. Scoring a 108 their lowest score was for "Natural Disaster Safety". "Home and Community Safety" scored a 58.

Do you find any of these scores surprising? When a study like this comes out, I always tend to think that it is going to be one more reason for even more people to move to Montana, let's hope we can get even more of our cities to make the list in the future.

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