It is Winterize time! Montana scrambles for lawn sprinkler system bookings. The hiss of the water coming up through the system kept the greenery going through the heat of the summer season, now it's time to book the people who winterize the automatic lawn sprinklers. Make an appointment because those folks are booking up now.  


As the fall progresses, you’ll have to get the water out of those lines before the temperatures drop below freezing

I can attest to the fact

It is no fun digging out a sprinkler system that has frozen and burst over the winter. First, let's not count the physical labor of digging out whatever amount of damage is done and the cost of replacement. 

You also have the soul-deflating disappointment of finding out about it when you first turn the thing on for the first time. The hopeful anticipation gives way to the not-so-quiet rush of one or more geysers spouting skyward- dashing your hope of any other plans you may have made for (in my case) that particular weekend. 


Depending on the type of system you have, you can “Blow Out” the lines yourself if you know what you are doing and have the right equipment. You’ll need a big enough air compressor and some fittings to attach it to the right place in your sprinkler system, or you’ll damage it and have to make repairs. You can get information on the internet, but sometimes it's worth paying once and having the experts walk you through the process. 


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