I love being in the kitchen. It is MY "spot" in the house. I can find myself spending hours in the kitchen, not just cooking, but hanging out. Sometimes you find yourself spending a little too much time in the kitchen. Coming up with some really strange ideas for what to cook for dinner.

When faced with limited ingredients and doing everything in your power to resist going to the grocery store, you make the best out of what you got. I usually call it "what you got stew" or "Dinner: Impossible." Simply opening up the pantry and somehow figuring out how to make a meal out of expired beans, stale crackers, and baking soda. Bon Appetit!

Matt Bile, the guitarist for Walking Corpse Syndrome, has been trolling his fellow bandmate for weeks on TikTok. Matt knows that his pal Leif, the frontman for WCS, does not like mayonnaise. Therefore, Matt decided to make cooking shows where he cooks only using mayonnaise.

Matt's videos were getting so much attention on TikTok, that he decided to move over to YouTube and start "Who Cares Cooking."

According to Matt's YouTube channel:

With the high cost of food, you know you got to save money by cooking at home, but where do you start? You start when you stop caring. When you got to get calories in your belly on a budget and you also hate cooking, you got to get creative. This is anarchist cooking for people who hate cooking.

Check out Matt's latest creation...

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