St. Patrick's Day is like the "Super Bowl" for bagpipe bands. It is a day that pipe bands look forward to every year. It's a chance for bands to participate in parades, and play in bars and restaurants around town.

Support Your Local Pipe Bands Montana

I always say "support your local pipe band", and I mean it. I have had the opportunity to play with Missoula's Celtic Dragon Pipe Band for over twenty years now and we couldn't do what we do without the support of the Missoula community. Being a member of a pipe band has been an incredible experience. I have been able to travel and compete with the band in the Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, Canada, and even Scotland.

If You Want to Learn to Play The Pipes Or Drums Missoula, You Are Welcome

The Celtic Dragon Pipe Band is also a "teaching" band. If you or someone you know is interested in learning how to play the bagpipes or drums, you can reach out the the pipe band through our Facebook page. We have multiple instructors who teach from kids to adults.

Missoula Highland Dancers

You can't have pipe bands without dancers. The Missoula Highland dancers are an amazing group of dancers that perform with the Celtic Dragon Pipe Band. They also offer instruction for people who want to learn how to perform traditional dances for both men and women.

Missoula Celtic Dragon Pipe Band St. Patrick's Day Schedule

The Celtic Dragon Pipe Band will be performing this St. Patrick's Day on Friday March 17th. Here is the performance schedule:

  • 12:30pm- The Iron Horse
  • 1:15pm- The James Bar
  • 2:00pm- Thomas Meagher Bar
  • 3:00pm- Draught Works
  • 4:00pm- The Desperado
  • 4:45pm- James Bar
  • 5:45pm- Iron Horse
  • 6:30pm- The Rhino
  • 7:15pm- Thomas Meagher Bar
  • 8:00pm- Iron Horse

The band and dancers would appreciate your support and we all hope you enjoy the shows. Please remember to enjoy responsibly and to support your local pipe band.

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