Last Friday I was out on station business delivering coffee for Z100’s Free Coffee Friday, and when Chris and I came back to the station, we noticed there was some activity at the vacant building next to ours. Construction workers were outside securing siding to the building and a large bucket lift was parked out front.  

Credit: Ashley Warren, Townsquare Media
Credit: Ashley Warren, Townsquare Media

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I'm not one to bother people while they’re working, but Chris egged me on. “Go ask what's going in there.” So, in true I’m-a-little-sister form, I popped out of the car and ran across the street.  

The construction worker kindly told me who was moving in, but just to be sure I verified with the owner. 

A Little Background

We at the radio stations were pretty bummed when our most convenient lunch stop closed up shop. Our building is located right next door to the Subway on South Reserve street, and when they closed in March of 2022, we had one fewer grab-on-the-go lunch option in our part of town.

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The speculation immediately began. What would move in? The quick assumption was that it might be a dispensary, like the one that went in at the Subway location on Brooks St. Of course, we all hoped that it might be another lunch place.  

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When I confirmed what business would be moving in, I have to say, I was pretty excited. 

Credit: Ashley Warren, Townsquare Media
Credit: Ashley Warren, Townsquare Media

It's a Missoula Favorite! 

“Flo Co” or Florence Coffee Company will be moving into the old Subway location on south Reserve. Rachel Tamblyn from Florence Coffee confirmed the news.  

We are so excited to be on S. Reserve again! It will be a double drive thru and a training facility. 

This is great news for the Montana family-owned coffee company that started in 2003 and has locations all over western Montana. It’s exciting to see a local business taking over the space. 

Congratulations, Florence Coffee Company!

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