There is a lot to know about Missoula Gives and if it's your first time, it might be a little overwhelming. Even if you you've participated in the past, there are still details you need to know if you want to support as many organizations as possible. Here's a rundown of what you need to know to support the Missoula Community during Missoula Gives.

What is Missoula Gives?

It's a day of giving hosted by the Missoula Community Foundation where the community can donate to their favorite nonprofit organizations.

It's Actually Not Just Missoula

That's right, the event is Missoula Gives & Bitterroot Gives because there are so many worthy organizations across western Montana.

There Is a Limited Window for When You Can Donate

You have a 26-hour window to give to be part of Missoula gives in 2023. That 26 hours will happen between May 4 and May 5. There's a really handy countdown clock on the Missoula Gives website, but I did the math for you. Donations will start on May 4 at 5:00 pm and wrap up at 7:00 pm on May 5.

There are 3 Ways to Give Financially

One of the most convenient things about Missoula Gives is that it's an opportunity to donate online to a lot of location nonprofit organizations. But there are actually three different ways to pay:

  • online with a credit card, mobile pay, or ACH
  • check written to the nonprofit or the Missoula Community Foundation
  • DAF via IRA or Stock.

Please know there are some processing fees for online payments and you can find information about that on the "Ways to Give" part of their website.

You can also donate your time by volunteering on the day of the event. Contact Missoula Gives for more information.

You Can Get a Preview of the Participating Nonprofits Before the Event

Not only can you use the Missoula Gives website to view all of the participating nonprofits but you can search based on the cause you're most passionate about. For example, if you really want to support animal organizations you can select "Animals" and 20 nonprofits will come up.

You Can Donate to More Than 1 Organization

This is my favorite part. Attending annual fundraisers is an important part of supporting the community, but having one day to donate to all the organizations you care about really helps to spread the love.

Here's the site you'll need:

On May 4-5 visit to donate or check it out any time between now and then to get more of your questions answered.

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