The Western Montana Fair is coming up Wednesday August 9th through Sunday August 13th at the Missoula Fairgrounds. The Western Montana Fair is a special event that happens every year. The fair has seen it's share of changes over the past few years. There have been changes to the events, and to the grounds themselves.

Western Montana Fair Events

There will be multiple chances for you to catch some live music at the fair this year with three local acts scheduled to play. There are going to be some very exciting evening events at the fair this year. Wednesday will be the PRCA "Xtreme Bulls" event. Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7pm will be the Missoula Stampede PRCA Rodeos. Sunday will be the "Lords Of Dirt & Keith Sayers FMX".

Memories of the Western Montana Fair

Growing up and going to the Western Montana Fair as a youngster was always a highlight for me and my friends. I have some very fond memories of spending hours and hours at the fair. Some of my favorite memories of the fair get stirred up every when it is announced the fair is coming. Meeting friends that you haven't seen most of the summer at the fair right before school began was a highlight. Riding the rides, playing the carnival games, seeing live music, watching the horse races, and eating fair food. For me some of my favorite fair memories revolve around the food, FFA tacos, Indian fry bread, Tater Pigs, and the famous Vikings.

Our Listeners Favorite Western Montana Fair Memories

We asked our listeners about their favorite Western Montana Fair memories. Some of the memories can still be experienced today, some may never be back.

Josie- My husband winning me a stuffed animal way back when. I still have it.

Kevin- Fry Bread and the Gravitron!

Owen- Steppenwolf

James- Puking my guts out after riding the Gravitron.

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By far the most popular favorite memory of the Western Montana Fair is the horse racing. I spent a few August Friday afternoons with my dad betting on the horses. He taught me what a "trifecta" was.

Brad- Horse Racing

Keith- Horse Racing

Mark- Horse Racing

Shannon- Horse Racing

Kevin- Horse Racing

Kim- Horse Racing

Horse racing at the Western Montana Fair is now long gone and it doesn't look like it is coming back any time soon. There will be plenty of chances this year to make new memories of the fair and admission is free.

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