We are sure that when someone from out of state thinks of Montana, they probably don't think that bears literally roam the streets like stray cats. But, they occasionally do. In fact, we are no strangers to frequent bear sightings in urban areas. This means being "bear aware" doesn't only apply to wilderness areas. A person could simply be taking out the trash or strolling around downtown and have a bear encounter.

Just recently, a bear broke into a mobile ice cream truck and ate $140 worth of treats.

According to the article from our buddy Mike

There was a bear break-in at Miss Zoola's Frozen Treats last week. And here's the twist... this is actually the SECOND time this has happened. Think Miss Zoola has been developing a honey-flavored ice cream that the bears can sense?

Just this past weekend, a bear was spotted window shopping in Polson, Montana. NBC Montana posted footage of the bear casually strolling along the sidewalk while looking into windows of local businesses. Possibly looking for breakfast or even a pedicure.

Let us not forget the viral video that spread all across the internet, of the famous trampoline bear in Missoula. For those NOT familiar with the internet sensation, a bear was found in a tree near the University of Montana campus back in 2003. Fish Wildlife and Parks officials tranquilized the bear, in an effort to relocate it. They used the home owner's trampoline to hopefully break the bear's inevitable fall out of the tree. But, things didn't go exactly as planned.

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