Being a radio engineer in Montana is a difficult job. Their job is to make sure to keep the radio stations on the air. Not only does that take an understanding of equipment in the actual radio station, but it also includes making sure that the tower and transmitter sites are working properly. That can mean they sometimes have to travel to the top of a mountain. No matter the time of year, if the need arises they have to head up a mountain or a hill. It can happen in the middle of winter, or the middle of summer. If they have to fix or maintain the equipment the job must get done.

Missoula's Radio Towers are on Top of Mountains

Our local radio stations have towers in some high up places. The top of Snowbowl on the North side of town is one location. We also have towers on top of Dean Stone (TV Mountain) on the South side of town. The weather isn't the only thing that radio engineers have to worry about, they also have to worry about road conditions, and wildlife. Recently, Tyler, our engineer, had to make his way up to our Dean Stone Mountain transmitter site and on the way down he happened upon a mountain lion. From the look of the animal it looked liked to be well fed and healthy. According to Tyler the animal didn't seem to concerned about him. He spotted the animal long before he had the chance to take out his phone and start recording and the animal didn't seem bothered.

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Be Aware of Your Surroundings Missoula

There have been a lot of warnings about bears in Montana with camping season in full swing. People shared their bear stories with us. For your safety, bear spray can be used on other animals too, not just bears and be aware that bear spray can expire. If you plan on hiking in the hills around Missoula, keep in mind you may not be alone. Keep an eye open and be safe on those roads and trails.

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