Valentine’s Day is a nice distraction in the middle of February in Montana. Some ignore the day and enjoy being single, while others are looking for love in Missoula. For those that choose to embrace the day, and feel sexy, Missoula has options for you. Spice up the day and get intimate with that special someone. After all Valentine’s Day this year is on a Tuesday, and we all know that is the sexiest day of the week. Here are some options for you to make the most out of the romantic holiday. Cue the “sexy music”.  

Time For Romance In Missoula

Adam and Eve, located at 3209 Brooks Street across from KFC, offers a large selection and variety of lingerie, accessories, and more. I spoke with Regina about the upcoming Valentine’s Day and how big of a holiday it is for stores like theirs. She said, 

Some people’s biggest time of the year is Christmas, for Adam and Eve, it is definitely Valentine’s Day.  

This is the time of year when they see a lot of couples shopping together, she continued, 

We definitely have an influx of couples coming in together and enjoying shopping together. They are buying lingerie and couples’ toys... we have stuff for more vanilla people, we have bubble baths, and pheromone perfume... we have stuff for everybody. We have stuff for people that are new on their journey...we have all kinds of stuff. It’s very fun for people to come in together and be able to enjoy a nice atmosphere.  

More Than One Option In Missoula

For other adult store options, Fantasy for Adults Only has two locations in Missoula, 210 East Main Street downtown and 2611 Brooks Street. You can also visit Spencers located in the Southgate Mall for a surprisingly large adult section.

Enjoy The Mid-Month Distraction Missoula

Valentine's Day can be what you make it. Enjoy the mid-month distraction of the "Sexy Holiday" and maybe March will be here that much sooner.

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