The job market has been anything but static in the last couple of years. Remember "quiet quitting?" It seems like an obvious question, but I have to ask because fads and trends pass faster than we can keep up with now. About the time that people stopped talking about "quiet quitting" (but let's face it, I think it's still happening) companies across the country started major layoffs. 

Here in Missoula, I think the labor market has always been a little bit challenging. Thanks to the University, we have a lot of very capable graduates who would like to stay in Missoula but there aren't enough jobs to always sustain the newest graduating class. It creates the "PHD working in a bike shop" problem, as a friend once described it to me. Typically, selling or working on bikes doesn't require many specialized skills, other than a working knowledge of bicycles. But when this friend, who worked in bike shops all over the country mind you, worked in bike shops in Missoula, frequently, their coworkers were people with PHDs. In most towns, you don't have to compete for bike shop jobs with people who have an advanced degree in physics.

You might find yourself looking for a job at the moment and I found a few that you might like. If you're looking for something a little different. Maybe one of these is the right fit for you.

Librarian Specialist

There's a current opening for a librarian with Providence Health here in Missoula. Many library jobs require a Master's degree but this one has fewer requirements. Personally, I'm a big fan of any kind of librarian. You can read more about the job here. 

Private Investigator

Calling all true crime enthusiasts (and maybe fans of Veronica Mars, too). There's a part-time opening for a Private Investigator with Bitterroot Investigations. It does require licensing and deals with the investigation of worker's compensation claims, but you'd still be a PI. Cool. You can read more about the job here. 

Two Openings at Home Resource

While the job titles might make these jobs sound more common (Procurement Manager, Pick-Ups Coordinator) you'd be working for a really cool organization committed to sustainability. You can read more about the jobs here. 

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