An article from the New York Times Magazine is circulating on the internet because of its very interesting premise: where is Tom Cruise?

It's not that Tom Cruise is a recluse, but for being an A-list star, and according to the article in the New York Times Magazine, he hasn't given a professional interview in years. Due to a number of factors, no one really knows where he lives.

So if no one knows where he lives let's speculate a bit and say, he just might be living in Montana. It's a popular place for Hollywood actors, and with his "special skills" he might be putting them to good use in Montana.

He Might Be Practicing His Underwater Breathing

Tom Cruise has said he can hold his breath underwater for six and a half minutes.

And where might holding your breath underwater be advantageous? How about in Flathead Lake? Maybe Tom Cruise has a lake house and he practices his underwater scenes in the lake. It doesn't even have to be in Flathead Lake. He could have a house in more remote parts of Montana with lakes, too. Heck, he could probably own his own lake.

He Might Be Flying a Plane

If he does have a house in a remote part of Montana, his flying skills would probably help with getting to it.

There are a number of private airports in western Montana, too, which he might appreciate, as it seems he likes his privacy.

He Might Be Climbing a Mountain

And where better to train for his action movies than in the mountains of Montana? Maybe we'll see Tom in the Beartooths or on top of Granite Peak. He often appreciates the places where he performs, and with the possibility that Missoula could be the next Hollywood, who knows, maybe we'll see Tom Cruise filming a movie here sooner than we think. Even if he doesn't live here.

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