My dog is already aware that fireworks season is happening in our state. He let us know by crawling under the bed as the big booms and small pops echoed through the valley over the weekend, with more to come this holiday weekend. He's an anxious dog.

The number one thing you can do for your pets is to make sure that they have a well-fitting collar with tags or microchip with up-to-date contact information if they get out of your house or yard. Every year we get phone calls about lost and found dogs and cats and you would be surprised by how many don’t have a collar, tags or current information.

I spoke with Roclyn King from Pruyn Veterinary Hospital about some other tips. “We recommend keeping them inside where they feel most comfortable. We have found that something with noise cancelling helps a lot in the background, like TV show or a fan, something that can buffer the loud noise. Something that also helps is beforehand to get your pet a wellness check. If they are very anxious the doctor can prescribe anti-anxiety medication as an option.” Pruyn Veterinary Hospital is in a new location at 2802 Great Northern Loop you can contact them at 406-829-8150.

Here are some other numbers to keep on hand for the holiday weekend coming up. You can contact Missoula Animal Control at 406-541-7387 they are located at 6700 Butler Creek Road. The Humane Society of Western Montana is located at 5930 Highway 93 South their number is 406-549-3934.

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