The annual application cycle for the Montana Tourism Grant Program is open now until September 15th.

We know that the Missoula and Bitterroot valleys are great places to live and work. Montana is a fine place to be in general. So many of the reasons we live here are the same excuses that your friends or relatives declare they'll drop by for a “visit” conveniently on a trip they’ve been putting off just to see you. It happens in all seasons too, right?

GettyImages Photo: AndreyPopov
Photo: AndreyPopov

Well, that is nice, but if they got a room, Montana would collect the lodging fee commonly known as the “Bed Tax.” Plus, your peeps would be off of your couch. For around 35 years those funds have been used to grow and enhance our state's recreation and tourism industries. Those visitors bring a lot to the table, depending on your job sometimes directly to your table.

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The good news is the Montana Office of Tourism Grant Program is accepting applications NOW for this year's cycle. Yes, there are guidelines you’ll need to know but in short, if your idea can develop or enhance out-of-the-area tourism, and recreation, and increase spending in your burg--well, you might be on to something. You can check out the helpful workshop as well, so don’t think you are all on your own. Find all the information about that and apply in one place. But you only have until September 15th  to apply.

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