Halloween is coming! And so is a recent fun new thing for Missoula kids. The 2nd Missoula Cruisers Car clubs Trunk or Treat 2022 event. This year it's once again taking place at the Karl Tyler Chevrolet dealers' parking lot on North Reserve Street.

They are accepting “entries” for car owners to get a space to Bring and display their car or truck in Halloween style dress in costume and hand out candy & goodies to the trick or treaters on Saturday, October 29th, 2022 from 5:00 pm to 8:30 pm. Space is limited so enter your vehicle early. They will have awards given out to the entrants and some food trucks will be on hand.

Last year the atmosphere was both fun for the kids, and the cars were “Eye Candy” for the adults as you walked around the parking lot enjoying the evening. They had a great turnout so if you plan on going as a spectator-with youngin- please be aware of the traffic on Reserve Street.

What You See is Community.

Karl Tyler hosts the party and the Non-profit Missoula Cruisers call in the community of car lovers. If you visit their Facebook page for information about the Trunk or Treat you'll take in information about cruises around the area or someone looking for a tool to make a repair. I check out the About Us page and I love this statement:

We are the Missoula Cruisers – an unorganized, unincorporated collective of car lovers. Missoula Cruisers started with a dream of bringing back the nostalgic “cruise the strip” evenings that became the heart of every small town Saturday night. We are not a car club. In fact, in some ways we are an ‘anti car club’ because we do not have any requirements on vehicle, age, specificity or otherwise. Our motto in this group is “if you like it, then cruise it!”

I couldn't find anyone to attribute the quote to, but if you want to check out the email links are on the page with some Missoula Cruisers details.

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