I am here to plead with some drivers on Brooks Street in Missoula for a very simple request. If you have been on that road at any time in the last 5 years, you’ll know that it has two diving lanes. Two. Please, STOP driving single-file in one lane! I’m trying to turn LEFT! 

 Has science any explanation for this phenomenon where the “Intelligent” species on the globe, who has had to pass a test to drive no less, will line up nose to tail in the right lane for 30 vehicles at a stoplight when the left lane is completely open?  

 You know what I’m talking about.

You’ve experienced it on other streets around town assuredly, where traffic is heavy but you have several lanes to move it. But for some reason, the coconuts are all on a conveyor belt in one lane. It doesn’t matter which direction you are going either. If you try to turn across oncoming traffic you will eventually run into this weird “Flocking” effect.    

Photo Via Canva open lane
Photo Via Canva open lane

Hold on great umbrage taker, I am not talking about the passing lane on a highway. This is a city street. No wonder it's costing millions of dollars for outside studies to figure out how to make traffic flow! Even the bonified experts are clutching their craniums in wonder at why is this happening. 

 The absolute worst is when it's not the commute.

I was attempting to make a turn onto South Catlin Street when the designated green left turn arrow went yellow at the Brooks intersection. Now, you wait to cross when traffic allows. That oncoming light goes green and the single-file line of 30-plus cars starts the parade! If they had banners, music, and tossed candy as they passed it might be more tolerable.  


I was stuck as the third car back. As that line slowly crept forward it became more obvious that I'm not going to make it this time and will have to sit through another cycle at the light. The woman in the car in front of me had started yelling something, her windows were up, but I had an idea. The lead car is sitting in the intersection just waiting for the red. 

 It happens all the time. Finally, the parade ends, with one of the cars getting caught at the red. THAT made me laugh because the entire left lane was completely OPEN for the duration of the green. That’s just mind-boggling.   


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So, for myself, the car in front of me and, well forget the car that got stuck at the red - no hope for that one. Please stop! Driving single file on Brooks Street! People Are trying to turn left!  Thank you.

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