I’ve made it this far into October without eating our entire stash of Halloween candy and that's BIG considering the amount of research I’ve endured to find this answer,  

“What is Montana’s Favorite Halloween Candy?”

For years I have seen reports from National wholesaler Candystore.com about the top-selling candies in your state, using 15 years of bulk sales info, and Dubble Bubble Bubble Gum has ALWAYS been the winner in Montana for as long as I can recall. Nobody has that as their favorite! Come on now. M&Ms was in at second and Twix at 3rd. This year Ben George with Candystore.com has an upset! But I’ll get to that in a minute. 

We asked you on social media what your favorite Halloween candy was, and If you actually gave that out to the Lil’ door ringers, OR did you give away something different? 

Clay said "...have to buy something Chocolate ......Reeses !!!%" 

Franki "We buy the big mixed bag with our two favorite kinds. My wife likes almond joy and kit kat, and I like almond joy and peanut butter cups. Then, we pick at the bag until Halloween eating just those particular candies, and when the children come to the door they get what's left."

Cooper- "I hand out candy to the kiddos we don't get very many.. peanut butter cups are my favorite."  Doug is a fan of "Whoppers" - I like the Chocolate Malt too!  Jason says, "Those hobgoblins get the best candy, none of those little trial-size things!"

See! No Double Bubble Bubble Gum. Hmmm. Looking over some of the stats from Candystore.com they bulk shipped 23,842 pounds of it to Montana this year for Halloween. So, someone is gonna get a bag full of it! 

So What is Montana’s Favorite Halloween Candy?

OK, According to Candystore.com interactive map, The TWIX bar is Montana’s Favorite Halloween Candy! M&Ms are #2 and Double Bubble Bubble Gum is in third place. Hey, they just reversed the order. 

Hold the Pillow Sack for Just a Minute! A Second Contender!

The data-and-fact crunching folks at Zippia.com have a Halloween candy map too and they found that the Baby Ruth bar is Montana’s favorite Halloween candy! That's pretty tasty right there.

In another rant about Doubble Bubble Bubble Gum (who knew right?) I found an opinion to the effect it was the cheapest thing you could buy to give away. I agree with that. Just crossing my fingers that the tykes can't afford a lot of TP- although I don’t have many trees to toss the rolls into.  

Montana Duo or Couple Halloween Costume Ideas.

Pro-Tip: When selecting a costume, It would not be the worst of ideas to test the thing for practicality. Can you sit down or peel out of it for bathroom breaks? These things we did not consider to the great amusement of co-workers. It is another reason not to choose those big “Sweaters for Two”. You're welcome. B&C

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