Montana, like a lot of the country, has seen inflation hit us hard these days. I don't think anyone likes to spend more money on anything. There has been some good news lately, the price of gas has dropped a bit in Montana. Even though it was only a small amount, at least the price didn't go up again. I am trying to stay positive.

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Inflation hasn't been the only thing that has cost people more money. There are other types of "flation" you may need to be aware of. "Shrinkflation" is when a company makes a product smaller but charges the same price. There is another "flation" that seems to be happening these days, "Tipflation".

Tipping Is Everywhere These Days

When it comes to tipping, I have made my position clear. I do tip, but I think that tipping in this country should end. It shouldn't be up to me, to determine how much someone else gets paid.

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So how much are people tipping these days? According to a survey, Americans are spending almost $500 a year on tipping.


How Much Do You Tip?

The average respondent to the survey tips $37.80 a month, for a total of $453.60 a year in just tipping. Almost half of the respondents have noticed "options for tipping on tablets and digital devices increased in value in the last month alone."

Would You Tip a Vending Machine?

One question that TalkResearch asked that was shocking to me was 23% of respondents are willing to leave a tip "for a service that had no human interaction, such as a vending machine or a self-checkout kiosk at the grocery store". That is a big number to me. Who would leave a tip on a vending machine? I guess I am the 77% that wouldn't leave a tip. I like to believe I am not a cheap person, but tipping a machine is too much for me. When I tip, I want to know that I am tipping a person.

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