Sports fans can be superstitious and they don't like change. After all "fan" is short for "fanatic".  When a professional team moves from one town to the other. When mascots or logos change. All of those things can upset a fan base. I remember when the Griz dropped the copper color from their uniforms back in the '90s and went with "Silver and Maroon". Not everyone was for the change. For me it seems like it happened just a few years ago, but we are now approaching almost thirty years since the change happened.

Montana N7 Inspired Games This Week

This last weekend, the University of Montana Lady Griz wore their "N7" uniforms for their game versus Portland State, and they won 88-56. This Saturday February 4th, the University of Montana Men's Basketball Team will be wearing their "N7" inspired uniforms for the game against Northern Arizona.

N7 Uniforms Designed To Honor Native American Culture

The uniforms were designed by a University of Montana Alumnus Benji Headswift. His logo designs are available for sale at the UM Bookstore and The M Store.

What About Montana Grizzly Football

With the basketball uniforms designed, created and in use, according to the "Go Griz" website, they will be in use for the next three years.  What would it look like if the University of Montana Grizzly Football Team were to use an "N7" inspired uniform? The "Griz Nation" Facebook Group posted a proposed mock up of what the uniforms would look like for football.

Credit: Griz Nation, Facebook
Credit: Griz Nation, Facebook

We Appreciate Griz Nation

Whether the University of Montana Football team chooses to use the entire uniform for a game, or use certain parts of the redesign, either way I think it will be incredible to see as the players run out on the field.

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