Whether you love to celebrate Valentine’s Day, think the holiday is a capitalist scam, or find yourself somewhere in between, you may find yourself looking for something special to do with your significant other in the next two weeks. And if you’ve been attached for a while, going out to dinner, or buying flowers, chocolate, or jewelry might just feel a little cliché.  

(But I don’t want to judge, so if you are looking for a place for dinner on Valentine’s Day we have a list of both fancy restaurants and more budget-friendly options.)  

If you’re looking for a slightly less clichéd way to celebrate with your loved one, we’ve got a few ideas.  

Take Them Ax Throwing 

If you want to add a little adrenaline to your date, ax throwing is great option for February in Montana. This would also be a great activity for a group date/.  

Ride the Carousel Together  

Being playful together can keep the romance alive in a relationship, and A Carousel for Missoula is a wonderful place to be a kid again.  

Create Something Together at CREATE art bar 

They have a ton of projects to choose from—I think my favorite is the stamped bracelets; you could make a matching pair! Of course, you can enjoy a libation while you create, too.  

Visit the Missoula Public Library and Read Poetry to Each Other 

“How I love thee, let me count the ways...” Don’t have your own copy of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s famous poem? Take your loved one to the library and woo them with words.  

Go Ice Skating at Glacier Ice Rink 

There are public skating events as well as special events and your best bet is to make a reservation because they have attendance caps.  

Share a Chairlift 

Snowbowl of course is the closest option but if you’re willing to drive there are multiple ski areas to choose from. Valentine’s Day is on a Tuesday so maybe request some PTO and take a powder day.  

Take in a Movie at the Roxy Theater 

Okay, going to the movies might also be cliché, but not when the theater is The Roxy. This year, they’ll be playing “National Theater Live: Much Ado About Nothing” and “Romeo + Juliet” starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes.  

Couples tattoo 

Nothing says commitment like a couple's tattoo, and if you want something small you might be able to get in at Altered Skin or Bound By Glory, but your best bet is to book an appointment. Maybe plan ahead for next year?  

Volunteer Together  

Consider applying to volunteer to any of the many deserving organizations in Missoula, or check out the opportunities at volunteermissoula.org. The right opportunity could turn into a regular “date” and not only make you and your loved one feel good, but those you’re helping, too.  

Couples massage  

Classic, but a classic for a reason. Try booking at Cedar Creek Salon and Day Spa or even scheduling community acupuncture at Good Medicine.  

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