Logjam Presents is bringing Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles, the closest thing to the "Fab Four" we can get, to the Kettlehouse Amphitheater in Bonner, Montana on Sunday July 30th. To purchase tickets for this show, check out Logjampresents.com.

Being in a Tribute Band To The Biggest Band in The World Isn't Easy

Being a part of tribute band for, arguably, the most legendary band in history of Rock and Roll isn't easy. Recently I had the opportunity to talk with Aaron Chiazza who is the "Ringo Starr" of Rain, and the preparation that goes into being a drummer like "Ringo". He had this to say:

There's a lot of studying involved. Back in the day, you know, in order to learn the music, you'd have to put it on your record player. You'd have to, kind of , deal with your equipment and listen to it. But now we have all this modern technology that allows us to really listen to the music in a much more detailed way.

What Can You Expect from the Band's Upcoming Show at the Kettlehouse?

The members of Rain take a lot of time to get the details of the band correct. If you haven't yet seen the band live, according to Aaron this is what you can expect:

They can expect a pretty solid healthy run through of, you know, the different eras of the Beatles. They can expect all the early excitement of when they first came to America and we carry the audience all the way through the different parts of the Beatles. We get more towards the "Mod" era, and then "Sgt. Pepper". With the release of  the "Let it Be" documentary, we're paying homage to that era as well with the rooftop concert and then all the way through "Abbey Road".

Credit: Rain A Tribute to the Beatles, Logjam Presents
Credit: Rain A Tribute to the Beatles, Logjam Presents


Aaron has been with the band for almost ten years. He takes his role seriously in the band and is left-handed just like Ringo Starr. Tickets are still available for the show. For the full interview, listen below.

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