We noticed something the last couple of summers here in Montana. There sure were a lot more cars with California plates than usual. Granted we have a lot of out-of-state tourism during those months. But, it just seemed odd that there were exponentially more California plates on the road than we are used to seeing. Why? Well, there seems to be a mass exodus out of California, after failed policies and taxes are forcing people to consider a move somewhere else. With the pandemic having people looking for places less congested with people. Montana became an oasis from the pandemic. Offering up more room for people to "socially distance." That is why we have noticed a huge surge in real estate prices and even some buyers buying up Montana real estate sight unseen. Montana has been found.

But, not all Montanans are happy about the news of new neighbors. A predominantly red state, some Montanans are bracing for the influx of blue staters. Recently a pilot for Southwest airlines was caught talking trash about Californians on a hot mic. The pilot forgot his mic was on while he was taxiing a runway in San Jose. His thoughts about Californians were broadcast to the air traffic controllers. Even after they tried to inform him his mic was still on, he continued to rant. Listen to what he had to say, and possibly what some Montanans might feel about Californians.


Judging by his accent and his hilarious remark on "rolling coal (aka blasting black diesel exhaust) we are willing to bet that the pilot is probably a resident of a red state somewhere in the southern part of the US. And, we are willing to bet he drives a big-ass diesel pickup.

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