Dear Lemonade and Kool-Aid stand kids,

You are awesome, keep it up. Seeing you sitting under those umbrellas with your table set up as you battle the heat while waving at passing cars is inspiring. It isn't easy keeping that lemonade or Kool-Aid cold when the temperature is hitting the triple digits here in Missoula. You are out there anyway, with a smile on your face and your hand-drawn sign hoping people will stop by for a drink.

Missoula City- County Health Department Supports You

I spoke with a representative of the Missoula City-County Health Department about the legalities of the stands. The laws regarding temporary food licenses used to be covered by the state of Montana, but now they are dealt with on a local city level. The city of Missoula encourages young entrepreneurs to set up temporary stands to sell their drinks. They do have some rules that they ask you to please follow.

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Follow Some Simple Rules in Missoula

If the stand is only temporary and is set up in front of a home or in a neighborhood then there shouldn't be any issues. They do ask kids wanting to open a stand, please don't set up your stand next to any one of the farmer's markets that Missoula has. They also ask that you don't set up your stand next to any established businesses.

Some Simple Tips to Help You Succeed

I have a few tips for you kids.

  1. Make sure you set up your stand where people can pull their car over to buy some of your tasty drinks. This is key. If people can't pull over, you won't make much money.
  2. Smile and wave. It goes along way to making your sale.
  3. Taste the drink yourself to make sure it tastes good.
  4. Keep making the homemade signs. I always applaud the effort.
  5. Say "Thank you, have a nice day", or something similar when you do make a sale, your tips will be bigger.

Keep Up the Hard Work Kids of Missoula

Even when I am have a rough day and battling the Missoula traffic, I see one of the stands and it makes me smile. I also try to stop any chance I get to help support our local youth. Keep up the hard work and the effort, I will always try to support you and hope you learn about the "entrepreneurial spirit". Who knows where that can take you down the road? Good luck with your stand, and keep the change.


Chris Wolfe

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